Welcome to my portfolio

meriliisi.net is my portfolio site and a space where I keep my running web pages. Meriliisi is actually my first name, which I'm not using, or to be more accurate my parents didn't use it. Ask no more, I have no idea about the logic behind my naming. But Meriliisi is OK, it sounds nice and no-one else has it.

I earn my daily meals by working as a Visual Designer in Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.

Quick facts
Name: Marianna Mäkelä
Profession: Graphic Designer
Year of birth: 1980
E-mail: meriliisi|at|meriliisi.net
Things I like: Japan, blue-cheese, colors, fireplaces, mountains, spanish
Things I don't like: diet soda, feeling chilly, wasps, driving in big cities
My other pages: www.meriliisi.net/nuka | www.meriliisi.net/nero