I live in the country near Jyväskylä with my husband, we have an old house by the lake and two dogs. Nuka is our older dog, she is American Hairless Terrier and Nero is our young Mexican Hairless Dog. To know more about them, go to Designs page and check their web addresses from Webs section.

The dogs and tasks in the house and yard take a good share from my free time and the rest goes to studying, exercise and other hobbies. I have always enjoyed working with my hands, so most of my interests has something to do with it. I enjoy visual arts also in my free time, so painting, interior decoration, photography, etc. are pleasant activities for me.

To stay happy and healthy I walk and play outside with my dogs and take some stretching classes. I also think that relaxing once in a while is very important for well-being. The most relaxing moments are, when I can enjoy reading on the sofa or on the lake shore in the summer.

If you want to read more about my thoughts, go to my blog and see if I've written something. Blog is in Finnish.

Some photos from interesting places and things. We spent two winters in Spain and went there by car driving across Europe. First gallery is from our roadtrips. Driving in smaller roads lets you see amazing things! Other galleries have some pics from Europe too, but detail gallery has also photos from home. You can move back and forwards in gallery by putting the mouse on image area. Moving left or right on top of the image reveals next or previous button.