This gallery of mine includes examples of the design works I've done. Other projects are made for clients and others just for me, or for non-profitable purposes. Some of these I made, when I was a Graphic Designer in Imagenius. Recently I started working as a Visual Designer in Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.

Projects with visual identity:
In these projects I had a chance to create a visual identity and then apply it to various materials.

Some web projects I've made. I like the challenges of designing and coding pages. There is always new things to experiment.

On the wall:
These works are currently decorating my walls. I love experimenting new ways of doing and different materials. Everything doesn't have to be created by computer, at least not entirely...

Clients I've worked with:
I have worked with several interesting clients during my time in Imagenius. Here are few of them:

- Elonen
- Ilotulitus
- Killeri
- Protacon
- The Old Curch at Petäjävesi
- Youth League of The Finnish Norden Association